The Organic Skin Co. is a premium makeup brand, with a select range of essential skin and body products. The Organic Skin Co. range of makeup is truly revolutionary, incorporating the miracle of supercritical extraction, and reflecting our belief that the time for high quality, organic makeup has come.

Whilst - for some time now - you've been able to choose from a variety of organic alternatives in terms of your skincare, the same cannot be said when it comes to makeup. Thankfully, that time is over. Our organic makeup range captures a wealth of color, is beautifully presented and wonderfully replenishing. Importantly, it offers a healthy makeup alternative for women interested in maintaining the well being of their skin.

The TOSC range can help you reveal your true beauty. It allows you to express yourself, rather than cover up who you are.


Target is 30,000. 3 trees are planted for every TOSC product you purchase from 14th to 22nd April.

With every order, you receive a free copy of our detox and wellbeing booklet, ‘Health, Happiness and Wellbeing – Your Survival Guide to Living in Toxic Times’. Valued at $14.95, this booklet not only offers some great advice about how to detox your lifestyle, but also about how we can care for our environment and our planet.