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100% natural incense sticks, scented with pure Vetiver Essential Oil and Attar and&nbspx presented in a gift box with ceramic incense holder.

Prana Vetiver Attar Incense For Purifying And Grounding

20 sticks + ceramic holder


Vetiver can be uplifting and grounding as it is known to balance both the crown and the root chakra. As an incense it is known to help maintain emotional calm, offering a serene, cooling addition to any room in which it is burned. Vetiver incense is also traditionally known to impart positive energy, to purify the environment and to be helpful in creating an atmosphere of tranquility and peacefulness.

100 Natural | With 100% Organic Ingredients

Made from natural bamboo which is hand rolled in 100% natural ingredients of aromatic essential oil and attar oil.
Made from Aromatic Herbs, Resins, Oils and Attars.
100% Non- Toxic Incense
Free from Synthetic Substances
Hand Crafted

100% natural Ingredients of Vetivert Essential Oil, Vetivert Attar and Labdanum Resin.

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