Lean Meal Illumin8 720g / Chocolate


Welcome to enlightened nutrition! With the help of doctors and nutritionists, Lean Meal was formulated specifically using high vibration nutrients and superfoods to assist with your weight management goals.*

Get energy-boosting, clean fuel from plant-based superfoods for a delicious smoothie at home or an essential shake on-the-go!*

Protein, organic superfoods, and the equivalent of 1 vegetable serving and 1 fruit serving provide everything you need for healthy weight loss and weight management as well as provide the energy boost you need to push through your day.

Lean Meal Illumin8 Snickerdoodle Sample

Lean Meal Illumin8 Chocolate Sample

Lean Meal Illumin8 Snickerdoodle 12 Pack Tray

Lean Meal Illumin8 Chocolate 12 Pack Tray

Lean Meal Illumin8 Snickerdoodle 720g

Lean Meal Illumin8 Chocolate 720g

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